our rates


First Hour
String or Flute Quartet
(*flute, violin, viola, cello or two violins, viola, cello)
String or Flute Trio
(*flute, violin, cello or two violins and cello)
String or Flute Duo
(*flute and cello or violin and cello)
Piano Trio
(*piano, violin and cello)
Piano Duo
(*piano and violin or piano and cello)
Solo Violin$325
Solo Cello$325
Additional time past the first hour is $90 per hour per musician. Trumpet can be added for a ceremony for $225. These rates are for venues within Austin — for other venues, please contact me as a travel fee may be added.

We have MANY other options and can fit nearly every budget. In addition to our most popular groups listed above, we can provide:

String Quintet (quartet plus bass)
String Orchestra
Solo Violin
Solo Cello
Solo Harp
Solo Piano
Harp and violin
Harp and cello
Harp, violin and cello
Piano and violin
Piano and cello
Piano, violin and cello
Vocalists (all sorts, all styles!)
Guitar and cello
Guitar and violin
Guitar and string quartet
Jazz combo (many possibilities)
String quartet, drums and voice

A trumpet (or two!) can be added to any combination for ceremonies, and we are always happy to work with a church pianist or organist, as well as to accompany vocalists – please read our requirements about music selection and rehearsal time).

Our rates vary depending on a number of circumstances so contact us with your vision and we will work with your budget.  We can’t promise to give you the lowest price out there but we can promise to give you the perfect music for your perfect day, backed by nearly fifteen years of an unsurpassed reputation for quality!

We also play for corporate events, recording sessions, parties, memorials, church services, christenings, museum openings, open houses…and more! Contact us with details about your event and we can develop a custom quote.

(*flute ensembles play only classical repertoire)